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The normal handling of media such as Foamex and Dibond can create huge amounts of stored energy.

Delivery to site, removal of the protective film, in house transportation and pre cleaning all charge the sheets of media with high voltage electricity.

Anti static solutions generally fitted by OEM’s are outdated and inefficient.

Many print related quality issues are related to poor handling of static stored in media and/or generated during the printing process. 

Our system not only eliminates almost all static related issues it also is:

  • Smaller & lighter
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Uses less power at a lower voltage
  • All parts are available separately
  • Annual maintenance is simple
  • 12 Month Parts warranty
  • Mountings can re-used or re-made to fit most printers
  • Installed and re tested after 2 years of production use with no loss of functionality

There is a document at the bottom of the page called "What is static and how to cure it" please take a few minutes to read it for an explanation on how & what static does to cause loss of production.



Please see the production images produced on a VUTEk QS below:

VUTEk QS & PV / UV Standard Anti Static system (left)

Single emitter Pulsed DC Ion DC system (right):

Media used: Foamex

Print edge Quality Old Vs New ("X" Axis) :

Random nozzle triggering and print edge quality ("X" Axis) :

Zoom of above random nozzle triggering:

Print Edge Quality Old Vs New ( "Y" axis ) :

VUTEk QS 3200


  • Original 240vAC feed to old anti static system used to power the 48vDC power supply and DC control unit, mounted to the rear of the carriage.


  • Power splitter and twin emitter kit installed.


  • Install time approx 4 hours.


  • Tested in production for over 2 years with no loss of functionality.


  • Low cost and easy annual maintenance.

VUTEk QS 3200


  • Pulsed DC Ion control unit mounted where original anti static system was located.
  • Pulsed Ion emitter mounted in original position utilizing the standard VUTEk brackets.







Please enquire for price and availability using the "Contact Us" tab


  • A single 240v cable (Robotic Spec) was added to the contents of the Igus chain utilising an existing mains supply from within the printer chassis.


  • The 240vAC cable is then attached to a small 48v DC power supply fitted to the carriage which then powers the to the DC control unit.

  • Install time approx 4 hours.


  • Tested in production for over 2 years with no loss of functionality


  • Low cost and easy annual maintenance parts



  • Twin emitter kit fitted

  • Pulsed Ion emitter mounted to existing UV shield
  • Low voltage adjustable DC control unit mounted to rear of the carriage
  • Side mounted On / Off switch
  • Single DC control unit used with power splitter for twin emitter kit





Please enquire for price and availability using the "Contact Us" tab

What is Static how to cure it.pdf
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