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   VUTEk 3300 / 5300 Refurbished print heads available        *********************LIMITED STOCK**********************

We have a small number of good x300 print heads removed from a fully functional UltraVu 5300 system. All heads have been profesionally refurbished and are ready to insatll and use priced at £750.00GBP each:


                    Custom made printer solutions:

We have created a number of customised solutions for VUTEk , HP etc  printers.

Please see a small selection of designs below:


VUTEK / EFI: 150, 2360, 3360 Print head removal kit:


EFI / VUTEk PV, QS etc Data & analogue cable tension kit:

This kit is designed to pull slightly on both Pixel data & Analogue cables to prevent premature failure. No modification of the printer is required:

We can custom make a parts and solutions please contact                                      us to enquire.

Welcome to the K S Print Service Ltd website


We specialise in printer service, repairs, maintenance, parts and product support for a wide variety of Super wide & Grand Format Digital Printers including:

  • VUTEk
  • EFI
  • NUR
  • HP
  • INCA
  • Keundo
  • Other systems covered


With over 14 years experience in Superwide printer service our aim is to provide personal support to our sector of the printing industry.


  • Printer Repairs, Breakdowns & Service
  • System Moves & Transportation
  • Print Head Rebuilds
  • Parts
  • Customised problem solutions
  • Microscopic inspection of print nozzles
  • Print Head rebuilds
  • System Overhauls
  • Inspection and assesment


Quite literally no job is too big or too small.


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WE CAN SELL YOUR UNUSED / REDUNDANT SPARE PARTS please contact us for more information

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